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              1. Road Roller tractor Tractor parts Wheel Loader Motor Grader Bulldozer Excavator

                01Focus on construction machinery

                We focus on construction machinery machinery, spare parts export trade

                Companies focused on collecting construction machinery, spare parts domestic sales and export business, the company has been to reliable quality, competitive price, good faith service has won the trust of our customers.

                02Professional products, professional services

                Products include rollers, graders, excavators, tractors and spare parts and so on

                The company always adhere to the market-oriented, customer-focused, the main sales of machinery products, including rollers, loaders, graders, bulldozers, excavators and tractors.

                Four advantages
                Four advantages

                03Machine sales, leasing, maintenance

                One-stop service, worry-free sales

                For the majority of domestic and foreign customers with the entire machine, accessories, services, consulting, the entire machine rental, the entire machine overhaul, hydraulic parts maintenance business.

                04Professional service

                Quick response + professional guidance

                We have a strong technical team to provide you with professional after-sales service, export products up to more than 30 countries and regions, and won the majority of customers trust and praise

                Qualification honor

                Over the years, is the trust of customers to support us all the way forward

                • YL16G


                • PY220C-2、PY180C-2、PY180D-2、PY165C-2


                • LSD1401H、LSD1201H


                • LSD1401H、LSD1201H


                • LSD212H


                • LLC233H


                • YL16G 全液壓輪胎壓路機

                  YL16G 全液壓輪胎壓路機

                • PY220C-2、PY180C-2、PY180D-2、PY165C-2 自行式平地機

                  PY220C-2、PY180C-2、PY180D-2、PY165C-2 自行式平地機

                • LSD1401H、LSD1201H 全液壓單鋼輪振動壓路機

                  LSD1401H、LSD1201H 全液壓單鋼輪振動壓路機

                • LSD212H 全液壓單鋼輪振動壓路機

                  LSD212H 全液壓單鋼輪振動壓路機

                • LLC233H 垃圾壓實機

                  LLC233H 垃圾壓實機

                • LDD212H、LDD210H、LDD208H 全液壓雙鋼輪振動壓路機

                  LDD212H、LDD210H、LDD208H 全液壓雙鋼輪振動壓路機

                ? ?

                Reliable quality, preferential prices, honest service

                Company Profile

                Rich industry experience

                Excellent product quality

                Caring after sale

                          Luoyang Chunqiu  IMP/EXP Trading CO.,LTD. has provided in international spare-part supply and after-service and trading for YTO/SINOMACH engineering ma..

                China (Henan) Free Trade Zone Luoyang Area


                National Advisory Hotline:
                13503889198 15137905781





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